Ugljan rest houses

  The subject of our third project on the island of Ugljan is in Ugljan itself. The project involves the reconstruction and upgrade of two houses within a complex of several stone houses with different owners. The two houses mentioned above are family houses, but have been abandoned for a long time. The desire of [...]

VIP LOUNGE/CONFERENCE HALL, Zračna luka “Franjo Tuđman”


PROJECT DESCRIPTION One of the spaces we designed at the "Franjo Tuđman" Airport in Zagreb is also the Conference Center / VIP Lounge for the needs of the International Airport Zagreb d.d. The primary requirement of the investor was the polyvalence and the flexibility of space and equipment. The reason is to satisfy several different [...]


PROJECT DESCRIPTION The market building in Posedarje is meant to be set on the coast, at the beginning of the promenade by the sea. From this location you can see the church of the Holy Spirit. Market design inputs were to open the view towards the church and to divide its construction into two phases. [...]


   PROJECT DESCRIPTION On the First Island of Zagreb Zoo, besides the main entrance building, another new building - a Dalmatian pelican house (the largest spicies of pelican in the world) is located. Unlike the main entrance, this house is trying to hide. Partially sunken with its green roof and its soft shape in the [...]



PROJECT DESCRIPTION The subject of this project is the Interpretation Center of the archaeological park Andautonia. The building is planned on an extremely valuable location at the archaeological site of ancient Roman town Andautonia in the center of small town Šćitarjevo. Of nearby contests there are the Museum of smell, the rectory and the church as [...]


PROJECT DESCRIPTION During the last 50 years the Bear Habitat gave poor conditions have caused depression to the Bears and Visitors alike. Small budget, old concrete construction and aesthetic demands for the visitors. Also the new waterfall with pond was to be created. The building form is defined by the existing building and the new [...]