VIP LOUNGE/CONFERENCE HALL, Zračna luka “Franjo Tuđman”


PROJECT DESCRIPTION One of the spaces we designed at the "Franjo Tuđman" Airport in Zagreb is also the Conference Center / VIP Lounge for the needs of the International Airport Zagreb d.d. The primary requirement of the investor was the polyvalence and the flexibility of space and equipment. The reason is to satisfy several different [...]



PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project we did for investor Marinko Smolčić is an excellent example of good cooperation between investors, contractors and us as project designers. Project itself was adapting and renewing his business space CORPUS CENTRUM for body care, health and medicine. Quality communication during design also reflected on the concept of space organization that we [...]



PROJECT DESCRIPTION A lot of offices, labs and parking places along with some public and social spaces - alltogether should be incorporated into one GREEN energy autonomus building. We used our best not to (over) design it. To make it practical, functional, active, smart, clean. Make IT possible. The object is divided [...]



PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project task was to organize open space offices, single offices for the managers, secondary spaces and  conference area  on the one floor of the existing building „EURO TOWER“. Considering the existing parameters, the main communication on the floor is formed around the central core.  Offices are organized along the facade, in the [...]

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